Today I Write (2021)

Today I Write (2021) is an audiovisual representation of a poem written and directed by me. Inspired by personal experiences, friend’s experiences, but mainly inspired by the current epidemic called; rape culture. Which involves assault, harassment, rape myths, catcalling. In this poem I am not talking to someone specifically, I am talking to society, in order to raise awareness on how this happens to mostly female identifying people of all ages, on a daily basis, on the streets, at home, at parties, with strangers, not strangers and all around the world.

This video investigates the different emotions that lie behind rape culture’s experiences such as vulnerability, fear, shame, and how society treats and reacts to them. I write in order to find out what I know and how I feel; the poem points out my critical view of social, political and cultural issues through rape myths. They are prejudicial, stereotyped and false beliefs about rape, rape victims and rapists. For instance, blaming the victim, whereas the victim is questioning themselves how to become whole again after a trauma broke them open.

With this audiovisual representation, I want to be a voice for the ones that our body autonomy has been ripped like it was nothing, for the ones that weren’t asked for consent in any form. Before this project I doubted about my political views, but now I realized that everything is political, even our bodies. Body politics, and all related to the fight for full body autonomy for all.